Fee Structure

Selected candidates will have to pay the fees and enroll immediately. Failure to pay the required fees immediately may result in the cancellation of admission. Students are required to pay admission fees, tuition fees for 12 months (from June-May), and other fees promptly and on time. Tuition fees must be paid before the tenth of each month. Admission fee, Tuition fee, Fines etc., paid to the office is not refundable. Fee structure of the College is as below:

Admission Fee
Tuition Fee
NCC Annual Fee
XI Arts 5000 800    
XII Arts 5000 800    
XI Commerce 5000 800    
XII Commerce 5000 800 Regimental Fee- Rs.10  
XI Science 5000 800 Cadet Welfare Scheme- Rs.4  
XII Science 5000 800    
B.A. I Sem. 5000 800    
B.A. III Sem. 5000 800    
B.A. V Sem. 5000 800    
B.Com. I Sem. 5000 800    
B.Com. III Sem. 5000 800    
B.Com. V Sem. 5000 800  


*Includes- Admission fee, Examination fee, Library fee, MU Registration & Enrolment fee, Student Medical, Games & Sports, Tution fee and Laboratory.